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Nash Mayuela started out as a dreamer (just like everyone else). Her mission in life is to live out her dreams, pursue her passions, and take you with her!

When she was 7 years old, while watching the news on TV (with her grandparents), she decided that she wanted to become a news anchor and a journalist one day. Something about the spoken word fascinated her. Well, that dream never really came true. But she dabbled. 

After finishing Psychology at University, she went on to work for an American publishing company for 7 years as a sales and marketing consultant for self-published authors while leading a sales team at the same time. Then she hit a ceiling. There was nothing left for her to aspire for, nothing excited her anymore. It’s time to move. 

So she left her home country (the Philippines) to travel, to lose herself, to find herself, then to rebuild herself. 

This propelled her to discover new passions (Jazz and rock climbing) and reignite old passions (Ashtanga Yoga).

Professionally, she’s been a marketing director and did consulting projects for SaaS companies, gaming startups, and outdoor magazine based in the US, Europe, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia for over 10 years now.

Through the amalgamation of Nash’s professional and personal experiences, passions, and skills, Podcastmate was birthed.

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our mission


We do the heavy-lifting for you so you don't have to.

All you gotta do is PRESS RECORD!

We help brands and thought leaders just like you produce high quality long form content by transforming your raw audio interviews into an immersive and evocative podcast

Through intricate sound design, compelling narration, dreamy background music that makes your listeners feel like they are part of the story

This helps you take your audience through an exhilarating buyer's journey they want to be a part of because they want to find out what's going to happen next.

And getting them to do business with you will be a breeze because that's just the most sensible thing to do next.

Your audience will think your company has a dedicated media arm, when really, all you did was choose the right partner (ahem... Podcastmate) to help execute your boldest and most imaginative ideas.

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