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Cheryl Love Raborar


Cheryl’s strength is in account management and operations.


She’s the foundation that holds Podcastmate together to ensure everything runs smoothly and that nothing falls through the cracks on her watch.

After completing her nursing degree, she realized that the medical profession wasn’t for her and she decided to take on the challenge of working in corporate.


She’s worked in the telco industry for 7 years, has been involved in a travel startup for 6 years.

But Che isn’t all about working. She is an artist herself.

Che has been into travel blogging, vlogging, painting, dancing, crafts, and her current passion project The Ca Va Podcast.


Ione Velasquez


Ione is an independent filmmaker and video producer who has refined and perfected his process for 8 years now. 

His projects have won in local and national film festivals in the Philippines such as Sinulog Short Film Festival 2019 (3rd place)

and Sinulog Short Film Festival 2020 (1st place)

Although Ione finished Chemical Engineering at University, his inclination towards art and filmmaking takes a priority in his life and where he excels in. 


Lemuel James Morata


Music has always been in Lemuel’s DNA. He started singing when he was only 2 years old which he continued to pursue as a career eventually. 

Lemuel has been making his own music and producing music for bands and artists for over 9 years now. He also is a guitarist for his band Sirens -- a local band in the Philippines.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Lemuel has been in the podcasting industry for 3 years now while editing and producing podcasts for entrepreneurs and thought leaders. 

His magic lies in being able to marry both his expertise in technology and art in everything he produces. Having an IT background while being naturally creative and musically inclined helped him refine this process. 


Michael Rey Aunzo


Michael graduated with a Tourism degree which led him to work in a travel tech startups for  about 8 years now. While pursuing his professional career, he also dabbles with art, graphic design, music, and photography.

Being a self-taught graphic designer, he took his design interests more seriously by taking courses in fashion design and social media marketing.

 As if that’s not enough, he’s also currently building his own small business around sustainability and upcycling second-hand clothing and demonstrate his skill as creative and a designer. 

Michael knows what design captivates people’s attention and leaves a lasting impact -- the then translates this to producing content for Podcast that does just that, captivates!


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